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Let John Anderson Service Company reduce your energy consumption, help you save money, avoid moisture condensation problems, eliminate drafts and avoid indoor contamination. In most homes, air leakage is the biggest robber of heating and cooling dollars. A blower door test will help you increase the efficiency of heating and cooling by eliminating air leaks in the top of your home or business (warm air rises and leaks out unsealed areas at the top of your building) and the bottom (leaks at the bottom of your structure pull in cool air). In addition, you can improve your indoor air quality by reducing condensation (leading to mold/mildew) and outside air (containing pollutants such as carbon dioxide from exhaust, etc.). Working under State HVAC License Number CN003636, we comply with Federal, State and Local Regulation, carry insurance up to 2 million dollars and we provide service 24/7, 365 days per year
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Why Air-Seal?? All homes have gaps or spaces that allow conditioned air to escape – this includes holes left by electricians to feed electrical wires and gaps in the rim joists that are left open to air flow from outside. Unfortunately, these little openings have a major impact when it comes to your home’s energy efficiency. Our skilled, trained, and experienced energy and insulation experts will come to your home to conduct a Blower Door Test procedure. This process finds and targets all the air leaks that are hurting your home’s energy efficiency, and seals them off for energy use reduction – up to 20%! It’s an incredible process that will pay off in real dividends when it comes to your home’s comfort and your monthly energy savings.
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Give the pros at John Anderson Service Company a call for all you Air Sealing Services, we will test your home when we arrive and again before we leave. Your comfort and overall happiness is our top priority. Give us a a call today to discuss your weatherization needs. (706)629-0749