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Energy Saving Tips for the Summer   Air Conditioners should be serviced annually. Make sure the contractor addresses the duct system for air leaks. Check filter/s monthly, replace if dust has accumulated. A dirty filter restricts air-flow causing unit to lose efficiency. Keep thermostat set at 78 degrees or higher. For every degree above 78 a 4% savings can be realized. Raising the thermostat a few degrees during sleeping hours and utilizing a ceiling fan will save money. Raise thermostat by five degrees when away from home.  Keep plants and other obstructions from interfering with air circulation around outside unit (3 ft. minimum). Keep all air supply registers to all rooms open and return air pathways free from obstructions (furniture). Doors should be kept open to any room with a supply air register and no return air vent. If the home was built prior to 1992 and electrical attic exhaust fans are utilized, turn them off. These fans can depressurize the living part of house and draw conditioned air into attic. Replacing an Air conditioning System If the HVAC equipment is over 15 years old, it's time to consider replacing existing system with a new energy efficient SEER 13 or higher unit. If a new HVAC unit is being installed make sure a Manual J load calculation is conducted on the home. This will ensure the new unit is properly sized for the home. An oversized unit cost more to operate (short cycles), doesn't remove adequate humidity which can lead to mold/mildew propagation and the initial cost is more. Most units installed today are oversized by 1/2 ton or larger.  If the air handler is located within a conditioned space make sure the plenum (large pipe exiting the top of unit) is sealed to the sheet-rock where it enters ceiling. Otherwise attic air can be drawn into air handler. Humidity, air movement and temperature determine human comfort levels. High humidity helps our bodies hold heat therefore reducing the humidity level in the home will make the body feel cooler at higher temperatures. Crimped ductwork restricts airflow. Duct should be as straight as possible.
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