The basic areas of weatherization
Why weatherize your home?? It pays to weatherize. There is no simpler way to say it. It pays to weatherize. So many people benefit when you choose to weatherize. First, there's you, then there are those you might hire to help you, and then there's the stores you buy the supplies from, and then there's the global fuel demand which you just helped to lower, reducing prices for everyone in the world, and then finally there is the world that benefits. Weatherizing is the gift that keeps on giving since many of the improvements you make will last for years, plus, many of the improvements you make to reduce your fuel costs, will also help reduce air conditioning costs during the summer. There is simply no down-side to weatherizing. Weatherize your living space today and the whole world becomes a happier place.
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1: Windows (35% loss)
2: Doors (20% loss)
3: Insulation
4: Energy Audit
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